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It's gotta be Lindegaard!
It's gotta be Lindegaard!
He'll be big and strong
Our future number 1!


"For me it is all about being a happy human being. I am that now at Manchester United. I am happy to be part of this big club. I enjoy the atmosphere we have in the locker room. It is my club since I was a small kid. This is my dream. The question is do I have to compromise that dream and seek elsewhere? Right now, the decision is to stay here and help the club, that is the most important thing.

"The other night I came home after we lost to Tottenham. My wife asked: ‘Why are you so angry?’. I said it was because we had just lost. She said: ‘But you didn’t play’. I said: ‘This is my club. We are losing.’ If I was sitting watching the games on the couch, I would be very disappointed. That is how it is. It is both a praise and a curse. When you say it like that, you have to remember how lucky you are. How many football players can say they are part of their biggest dream? I am not stupid. I can see I could use some more games somewhere but right now I am helping this club as much as I can."

- Anders Lindegaard (x)

That’s very warm for Lindegarrd to say that! :’) I love him more now!

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Manchester United’s XI against Swansea, 05-01-2014

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Top 9 photos of Anders Lindegaard asked by Anon

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Julian Lindegaard

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Manchester United Advent Calendar

Day 13: Ball-pit Challenge - Lindegaard Vs Buttner

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Anders Lindegaard

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